The ENU Foundation is a governing body which is responsible for the upkeep, expansion and development of the Enumivo project. We are an entirely autonomous organisation which was created by the Enumivo founder, Aiden Pearce.

We are governed by the ENU Foundation Constitution and work autonomously at our free will. We are tasked with management of a regularly replenished development fund and are paid on a monthly basis as outlined in the ENU Foundation Constitution.

Many of the ENU Foundation board members have been a part of the Enumivo project since its inception on the Ethereum blockchain and have provided constant support in a variety of ways.


Enumivo is a clone of the EOS blockchain. It was created as a means of delivering a unique UBI dApp which will seek to reward all living beings on planet earth with a source of regular income. It was also created as a means of providing developers with an alternative to the EOS blockchain which provides all the same functionality, but at a lesser cost.