Welcome to the ENU Foundation

Here you will find information regarding our formation and purpose, please look around and feel free to contact us.

About the ENU Foundation

The ENU Foundation is an autonomous group which was introduced by the Enumivo creator, Aiden Pearce. We are tasked with governing the Enumivo blockchain while assisting with development and maintenance of the Enumivo community, and blockchain.


We are tasked with developing the Enumivo community and assisting with development of the Enumivo blockchain.


We are tasked with ensuring governance in the Enumivo community and blockchain is carried out in a just manner.


We have been awarded management of a regular income, in ENU tokens, which is to be used in methods which assist with the expansion of the Enumivo community.


Maintaining the Enumivo online presence, community and daily operation of the Enumivo Foundation in a way which benefits the Enumivo project.

ENU Foundation Members

The following users are members of the ENU Foundation.